introducing me

In a previous post I introduced my blog, now it’s time to introduce me, my name is Peter Martin and this my blog on experience craftsmanship – crafting beautiful software.

A little about me…I have approaching 20 years of experience. My pedigree is enterprise software architecture, which was gained from a deep immersion in Java and JEE. This evolved into a passion for blending user-centric design and agile software craftsmanship to create the “best imaginable experience”.

During my career I’ve experienced success and I’ve experienced failure. We all enjoy success, but we learn from failure, it sculpts who we are today. My experiences have really driven home the importance of Software Craftsmanship and the benefits of crafting clean code, which is simple and elegant. There is nothing more rewarding than delivering quality software and being able to easily adapt to changing business requirements. In a future post I’ll talk more about what software craftsmanship means to me, but I’ll leave you with the headline, it’s mindset.

All my successes have come from being part of a team. I am a huge believer in the power of the team, together we can achieve anything, and going forward I will share my insights.

I’ve worked at Adobe for the last 6 years, which has really ignited my passion for User Experience. I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredibly talented folks and being part of some outstanding teams, which have delivered some amazing applications. My favorite project was for the NATO E-3A Component to deliver a mission support system for AWACS aircraft, not something you would associate with Adobe.

So lets talk briefly about Flash. During my tenure I’ve embraced Flash and I’ve loved developing with Flex and AIR (and I still do). Thankfully those innovate folks back in Macromedia had the foresight to see how Rich Internet Applications could disrupt enterprise software and as a result there are some incredibly expressive apps out there. The transformation is well underway, User Experience has become common place in the enterprise and HTML5 is bringing expressiveness to the masses. The technology landscape has evolved but the philosophy continues. I’m looking forward to the next generation of RIAs that offer cross-screen experiences that adapt the experience to the aspect ratio of the device.

More recently I’ve become more involved in product management and product strategy, and I have led multi-disciplined teams in the creation of “seed product”. I love the combination of setting the vision and then executing on the strategy.

On more of a personal note, I’m from Scotland, but I live in the Bay Area with my wife and two sons. I should also mention our “crazy beast”, an 85 lb mixed White German Shepard and Golden Labrador. We’ve been in the Bay Area for almost three years. We thoroughly enjoy the Northern California landscape, which is not unlike Scotland in the sun. With that said, the picture in the banner was taken by my wife on a foggy day at Rodeo Beach.

Needless to say, this is my blog and the opinions I express are mine alone, they are not representative of my employers, past, present, or future.


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