Predictive Analytics for eCom

Recently I worked as part of a multi-disciplined team of User Experience designers, Software Craftsmen, and business domain experts to deliver a SaaS-based solution for Predictive Analytics.

It is targeted at existing customers of Adobe SiteCatalyst. The premise is relatively simple. We take historic web analytics data and run it through forecast models, which are typically associated with the investment world.

In the context of an e-commerce site and revenue we are looking to predict revenue and to identify problems ahead of time i.e. a shortfall in revenue. Think of it as an “early warning system”. This is where it gets interesting. The question we then want to answer is what actions can be taken to counter the shortfall? By knowing the correlation between site metrics and revenue the user can then model a % percentage in a metric and what impact it has on the revenue, which may be positive or negative. This level of foresight can then be used to make up the shortfall.

The experience is delivered on an iPad and leverages a statistical analysis engine on the server.

This was truly a fun project to work on and showcased the tight interlock between User Experience and Software Craftsmanship to deliver the “best imaginable experience” that meets the needs of the user – Experience Craftsmanship.


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