Quote: St Francis de Assisi the patron saint of Software Craftsmanship

We live in a world of YAGNI (“you ain’t gonna need it”), DTSTTCPW (“do the simplest thing that could possibly work”), MVP (“minimum viable product”), and MCR (“minimum credible release”).

We bow to the philosophy of keeping our software simple (the code and the experience) and doing the minimum amount of work required to put the software in the hands of our users so we can inspect-and-adapt, or in the words of The Lean Startup the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop (if you are thinking in this direction then I also encourage you to immerse yourself in continuous delivery).

Recently I was visiting with a customer who had a “war room”, and judging by the amount of material on the wall, there’s was a culture of collaboration, which I love. Written across the top of the wall was the following quote:

start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you’re doing the impossible

St Francis de Assisi, (Patron Saint of San Francisco)

This really struck a cord with me. I feel in our world of acronyms, it is a more elegant way of expressing the sentiment of simplicity and minimalism. May be we should herald St Francis de Assisi as our patron saint, after all he does have a connection to Silicon Valley.


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