The Node Beginner Book

On my Node.js journey I came across The Node Beginner Book (which you can also buy bundled with Hands-on Node.js).

As the name suggests The Node Beginner Book is targeted at beginners and the goal of the author is to take you from novice to advanced novice, which it achieves well. The book is structured as a tutorial. It starts with the basics and then works towards a more structure codebase that demonstrates how to use modules for separation of concerns. There are also a bunch of links to other good resources that help you understand Node. As I go through my learning curve I am aggregating these and other resources I have found useful, I’ll share them soon.What I really like about the tutorial is it doesn’t just tell you what is bad, it shows you in code so you can see first hand. There are some really important lessons to be learned here in terms of “blocking” operations and the Node.js event loop.

I am currently expanding the MongoDB example I did with Mongoose in an earlier post. I want to build upon what The Node Beginner Book teaches to provide a more robust reference for a production Node application. I hope to share it soon in a future post.

In the mean time, if you are starting out with Node, even as an accomplished programmer, I would recommend taking a couple of hours to go work through the book. It’s a good investment of time.


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