TDD with Node

The last few days I’ve been looking at how TDD with Node. This blog provides an example project that uses RequireJS.

My requirements were kinda simple (and obvious):

  • I want to easily write clear and articulate tests
  • I want to use an expressive framework for writing test spies, stubs, and mocks
  • I want a simple to use test runner so I can run my tests from a CI server (and ideally support for headless browser testing for when it comes to my client-side testing)

What I wasn’t expecting was an overwhelming choice of frameworks. That’s good…isn’t it? There were a few frameworks that initially jumped out, such as Vows. However, I struggled to get my tests working when it came to RequireJS. A lot of the examples I found out there were kinda of trivial and I didn’t find any good examples that showed RequireJS.

I have grown fond of RequireJS. I like that I can use it on both the client-side and the server-side, and I like the separation of concerns it affords in my code. So I was determined to find something that worked!

I came across Sinon.JS, which led me to Buster.JS (they both share the same author, Christian Johansen). Although Buster is still in Beta is made an immediate impression on me. It supports Node, it has Sinon embedded, it’s headless, the architecture is robust,…and the list goes on.

I soon got a simple test working and then struggled a bit with Require, but I eventually got it working!

My example app is intended to demonstrate the structure of a more complex app and how testing works. I’ve got a more comprehensive reference app coming soon. So enough said, jump over to GitHub for a closer look, the README provides more context.

Below is the documentation that I think you will find most useful:


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