I’ve spent some time recently looking at AMQP. I’ve been using it with RabbitMQ and Node. The de facto library for Node is node-amqp, which is powerful, but I have found it to be too low-level for my every day needs of pub/sub.

I wanted a more succinct syntax for publish and subscribe so I created node-messaging.

Below are some code snippets, for complete examples and further documentation jump over to node-messaging.


messaging.createMessenger( url, function( messenger ) {
    messenger.openForPublish( exchangeName, exchangeOptions, function() {
        messenger.publish( exchangeName, routingKey, { body: "hello world" }, messageOptions );


messaging.createMessenger( url, function( messenger ) {
    messenger.openAndSubscribe( exchangeName, exchangeOptions, queueName, queueOptions, bindingKey, subscribeOptions, function( message ) {
        console.log( "Received message '%s'", message.body );

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