The future is here, be part of it

I’m hiring engineers for ‘Studio 415’.

Read on if you want to bring the future to life. We are the Experience Design (XD) team – equal parts User Experience and Software Engineering. We are a design-led team and our remit is to imagine the future and to bring it to life.

Studio 415, in San Francisco, is creative and collaborative environment that promotes innovation and co-creation of solutions alongside our customers.

We are a sandboxed group within Microsoft, we have the resources and might of a large corporation behind us, but we think and act like a startup. We believe in the principles of the lean startup movement and we believe in being agile. We literally have the ability to touch billions of users and have an enviable war chest of technology at our disposal. Our weapons include Windows 8 and its extensive ecosystem that spans surfaces such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. We have the XBox and Kinect. We have the power of Bing and cloud-based services such as Azure at our disposal. Our innovation knows no boundaries. We use the right tools for the job at hand – our job is simply to delight users and surpass their expectations.

We are looking for a mind-set. You will be passionate about technology. You will care deeply about Software Craftsmanship and crafting simple, but elegant software. You will see yourself as a polyglot, you are not bound to a single programming language, and you delight at learning new languages and perfecting your craft. You see the whole of the team as stronger than the individual.

You will be happy developing user interfaces, but not afraid to reach-in and touch back-end code. When we say user interfaces, we aren’t necessarily thinking GUIs. We want you to push beyond pixels and develop natural user interfaces that combine gestures and speech.

A love of sci-fi and gaming is an advantage, as your vision for technology holds no bounds. If this excites you then apply for one of the roles today. We exist to disrupt – our mission is to re-imagine, it is who we are.

See the available jobs in XD. All levels of experience welcome.