A little about me…I’ve amassed 20 years of experience working with technology.

I am Software Craftsman by trade and my goal is to delight users. I have a passion for writing elegant code and for maintaining a consistent level of quality. I advocate and I practice TDD, pair programming, and clean code. I aspire to continuous delivery and I invest in automating the development pipeline. I have built a number of teams around Software Craftsmanship and I have experienced tremendous results.

I am a polyglot programmer – I am proficient in JavaScript, ActionScript, and Java. I know HTML5 and CSS3. I’ve also forgotten a few languages over the years (C, C++ to name a few), but I’m never afraid to re-learn or to embrace new languages.

My pedigree is enterprise software architecture, which was gained from a deep immersion in Java and JEE. This evolved in to Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and a deep proficiency in Flex. I continue to craft single-page apps, but now my tools are JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. I enjoy frameworks such as Ember and AngularJS, and I am a huge fan of NodeJS. The web has never been more fun with players such as Heroku and GitHub throwing the doors wide open and empowering us all to craft code.

I am an innovation leader with a strong appreciation of design, which has been gained from spending the last 7+ years engaged on design-led projects.

I have practiced Agile since the late 90’s through eXtreme Programming, and I’ve coached many teams in Scrum. In recent years I’ve worked in innovation groups, where Kanban is my tool of choice as we follow the Lean Startup methodology.

I now work at Microsoft in the Experience Design (XD) team, where we bring together Consumer Insights, User Experience, and Engineering. My role is leading a team of full-stack engineers. When I’m not crafting code I’m engaging with our customers in the co-creation of consumer experiences.

The goals of my blog are twofold, to share what I learn and to be provocative about technology. Your thoughts are welcome.

Peter Martin

“The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the position, views or opinions of Microsoft (or any other past employer).”


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